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A Great Website Should Have Strong Security

Protecting your website and it's users is something that every company should care about.

A lot of web design firms lack the technical security knowledge to cover even the basics.

Security isn't complicated for most websites, it is just often overlooked.

Why should I care about my website security?

There are two aspects to website security, protecting yourself and protecting your clients.

Both are equally important.

You need to protect your server and your website.

If you don't and an attacker manages to gain access you could lose your website content, control of your emails and more!

You need to protect your users as well

You do not want the negative press and the hassle of having to deal with a data breach.

You also don't want to have to deal with malicious code (malware) getting added to your pages.

Malware could steal your customers information and get your website marked as dangerous.

This could block your site enitely, costing you thousands in lost revenue.

Basically, it pays to protect yourself and your customers.

Our site is just a brochure site so surely security isn't important

Security is just as important on a brochure site as on an e-commerce site.

What if an attacker manages to disable your site or insert malicious code as mentioned previously?

Could you afford to go offline for days or even weeks while you fix things?

Plus what if your biggest customer tried to access your site and found it contained a warning about malware, could you afford the reputation hit?

Is My site Vulnerable?

If you want to see if you need our help visit (opens in new window).

Simply enter your domain name and click 'Scan Me'

After a few seconds you will get a score and grade for your site

If your site gets a grade of 'B' or higher then you are doing well.

If you get a 'C' or lower then Contact Us to see how we can help protect you and your customers.

The sites we build get a grade 'A' or above in Mozilla Observatory (and this site gets an A+)

Contact Us today so we can test your site and help you protect your business and it's customers.

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