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We are a Preston based website design agency that develops high performance Websites.

We specialise in the technical parts of website development to generate more traffic to your site and to convert that traffic into leads / sales.

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A Great Website Should Wow Your Users

A great user experience is essential nowadays.

People have short attention spans, if your site doesn't give them what they want quickly they will leave (and probably never come back!).

More importantly a poor user experience can lead to negative reviews, something that can have a serious impact on future sales.

KLUIO take the time to learn about your business and your customers to make sure we offer them the best experience possible.

So What makes a great user experience on a Website?

Many factors come together to form a great user experience.

A few of the things to consider are:

A Great Design

We don't mean something that looks pretty (although that certainly is a factor) but we mean a design that is simple to use.

Taking time to design a simple site architecture (how pages are linked together) and menu structure is key.

All of the information your potential customers need to make a buying decision should be no more than 3 clicks away.

A great design should also guide visitors to your site to an end goal, whether that be an enquiry or making a purchase.

Fast Load Times

We cover speed in another section, but the biggest cause for frustration is slow website load times.

Easy ways to contact you

Ever tried to contact a firm but they make it impossible to call them?

Making sure your contact information is easily accessible is key to gaining customers as it builds confidence that if they ever need your help you are easy to contact.

Something unique / Clever

We are bombarded with information nowadays and spend a lot of our time online, surfing the internet.

Giving your visitors something a bit different can create a lasting positive impression of your company.

Clear and Consistent Branding

Every piece of information and marketing your business produces should be 'on brand'

If a customer receives an order confirmation email the branding should match your website.

This helps build trust with customers and reassure them at each step of the sale process.

Clear Communication

Letting your customers know what to expect before they start working with you, while working with you and after a sale / purchase helps reassure them.

It also helps manage expectations, nothing frustrates a customer more than expecting an item to be ready and it not being simply because they had unrealistic expectations.

How Can KLUIO help my business deliver a World Class Customer Experience?

We make sure that your site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

We can also help you implement feedback systems linked to the website to keep your customers updated.

Above all we look at who your typical customer is and make sure your website provides the information they need to make a positive buying decision.

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